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Incorporated in January of 1990, Alert Weather Services, Inc. (AWS, Inc.) was formed to fill a need for the most accurate, timely and inexpensive marine weather forecasting services to the offshore oil & gas, and supporting services companies. AWS, Inc. is a marine weather forecasting and operational meteorology company that concentrates exclusively in marine meteorology. Tsunami Television AWS, Inc. provides the highest quality marine services worldwide, with the most highly experienced/skilled, degreed or certified meteorologists with extensive experience in operational marine meteorology. We incorporate the latest technologies to enhance the exceptional forecasting skills of our global operations forecast teams. Website Screenshot Alert Weather Services, Inc. has become the fastest growing commercial weather service, serving the offshore oil & gas industry for only one reason!, We write the most accurate marine weather forecasts worldwide!

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Mini Web Site

Alert Weather Services will design a weather webpage for site specific "tailored" forecast products and services. With your own company web page you have access to the latest weather data, forecasts and real-time images for radar, satellite, and weather graphics. All web pages are password and username protected so that only authorized access is permitted by your authorized company personnel. For more information on your customized "Mini-Web Site", send us e-mail or call us today!

Alert Weather Services, Inc.

Exclusive Gulf of Mexico Zones Forecasts ©

Alert Weather Box

Real-time offshore weather warning system.(the little black box) AWS, Inc. Designed, engineered, built, owns and operates the only commercial "real-time" offshore weather warning system for the offshore oil & gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

Real-time Remote sensing (satellite systems) Receive "real-time" weather satellite imagery every 4 minutes with our geo-stationary and orbital weather satellite receivers. Global receiving capabilities with no recurring service fees and at your fingertips, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

Alert Weather Forecast Products

  1. Sea state forecasts
  2. AWS,Inc. Gulf of Mexico Zones Forecasts©
  3. significant wave height, direction, period
  4. secondary wave height, direction, period
  5. tertiary wave height, direction, period
  6. swell height, direction, period.
  7. sea height, direction, period.
  8. surface pressure fields 12hr, 24hr, 36hr, 48hr, 60hr, 72hr, 96hr, 120hr,144hrs.
  9. significant weather 12hr,24hr,36hr,48hr,60hr,72hr,96hr,120hr,144hrs.
  10. Tropical Weather
  11. Extended Weather Forecasts
  12. Long Range Forecasts (6-10/30/90/day)
  13. Temperatures
  14. Site Specific
  15. Precipitation
  16. Optimum Routing & Global Weather Surveillance Services
  17. Superstructure Icing Forecasts
  18. Forensic Marine Studies/Expert Testimony
  19. Energy Commodity Forecasts